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Loop are pleased to be able to offer contract furniture for organisations and companies that are purchasing volumes of furniture for projects. Please contact LOOP LTD for further information.

We can offer advice if required as we have extensive experience working with clients on a variety of projects.

The Lottus chairs and Folio tables are well suited for fullfilling contract requirements. We have a very wide range of offerings for contract projects, so please browse the catalogues below, or contact us and we will be able to advise you on suitable furnishings based on your requirements.


Sancal was established in the 70s with the commitment of designing excellence in both upholstered and auxiliary furniture for the home. With the passing of the years, these early ideals have found new paths of application. After developing experience in projects for hotels and restaurants; public spaces; offices; and in the health care sector, Sancal has now incorporated all those products that are especially relevant to the contract market into one catalogue.


Lottus High

LOTTUS HIGH is an extension of the LOTTUS program which offers versatile and adaptable solutions for office, meeting, and conference rooms, with more generous and ergonomic support.

Lottus Wood

Freshness, practicality and versatility characterize the LOTTUS program, with which the new base of birch plywood evolves naturally, emphasizing its characteristic nature: warm and welcoming.


Sancal Contract

Sancal has now incorporated all those products that are especially relevant to the contract market in to one catalogue.

Enea Contract

Enea contract overview- the furniture stands out for its versatility, comfort and the functionality of its components- the result of intensive research.


Flos Architectural

A great formal variety, in all its possible forms, ranging from basic to luxury, always associated with innovation and quality of performance(large file).

Flos Architectural price list

Price list and specifications for the Flos architectural contract product range.


Flos Home

A catalog of icons that have changed the way of light(large file).

Qing Dao

Experience the best of both worlds with Antique Chic ... Our collection of Antique Cabinets retain the rich history and character of their age and yet gain an exciting new future through the innovative use of colour and complementary design.


Lottus chair

With its simple and wavy shapes, Lottus is elegant,comfortable and functional.

Lottus bar stool

Elegant, simple, functional and comfortable. That is LOTTUS. A new series of stools composed of one-piece injected polypropylene shells and lacquered metallic tube structures.



Characterised by well-proportioned and slightly undulated shapes. Eina’s aesthetics is timeless and impervious to fashions and trends.


FOLIO is a table specially conceived to offer versatile solutions to the demanding installation and contract sector.



Functional, comfortable, light, resistant, stackable... GLOBAL is designed to respond to needs both in private and public spaces.


The Konic armchair is designed for both home environments and public places with its great personality.



LOGICA chairs can be joined together using a connection system which is attached to the arm rests.


The MOVADO the perfect balance between the six key demands: ergonomics - comfort, regulation - adaptability, aesthetics- image, options - accessories, multi-function - versatility.



The great advantage of NAOS is that it means shelving can be fitted anywhere, either to the wall or using its pressure system between the ceiling and the floor.


Oh!........ Wait, relax, have a coffee, chat, think, rest, get together, doze.......



Design, function and shape come together in OPEN to offer a new seating programme, particularly suitable for indoor and outdoor waiting rooms. Versatility and personality for the collective.


Functional, practical, versatile, resistant... the COMA stool is a seat which is suitable for both public and private areas.



With pure and simple lines, STACKY is a decorative and functional element capable of becoming the focal point of any area.

System Chair

A full range of seats that cover all areas and requirements, from use in the home to the most sophisticated facilities.



With simple relaxed lines, TALK chairs are available in a variety of models and finishes. See table on page 30-31 for more details.


With light and sober lines, the LINK SYSTEM design is high lighted by the joint between the table top and the leg. The work surface looks as if it is suspended in the air.



WAY is a modular system of removable desk and file furniture from Enea.