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Bola Halo Pendant


The Bola Halo pendant by Pablo Designs, is a uniquely expressive LED Pendant system featuring a distinctive range of chromated ring reflectors that give the illusion of weightlessness.


12”(30cm), 18”(46cm), 22”(56cm)


Voltage: 120-277V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 6W (12”), 12W (18”), 20W (22")
Color Temperature: 2700K-1800K (Dim-to-Warm)
Luminosity: 290 Lumens (12"), 800 Lumens (18”),
1625 Lumens (22”)
Luminaire Efficacy: 65 Lumens/Watt (average)
Color Rendition Index: 95 CRI
50K hour lifespan
Cord Length: (2.7m)
2 year warranty

ELV dimmer recommended

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