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Scented Marble Candle – Frable


Marble oozes classical luxury and, since ancient times, the precious stone has been loved and treasured for its beauty by artists, architects and designers alike. The new collection of scented candles by Blomus comes in a solid marble container that can be used for storage on your desk or in your bathroom once the flame is no longer burning.


Our scented candles feature selected aroma compositions with a discreet and long lasting scent. The candle is free of palm-oil, producing a particularly low amount of soot. Using only high quality components, we can ensure a long burning time of up to 40 hours.

AGAVE – Fireworks of aroma.
This scent is extravagant and very special. The bitter citrus fruit, combined with clove, patchouli and white amber. The Ylang-Ylang aroma is what makes this scent exceptional. Aromatic floridness enhance sensuality and creates trust to let us go.

Dimensions 110 cm


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