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Siena Circular Dining Table


A stylish fusion of delightful architectural lines and the warm charm of resilient wood, that’s how the Siena collection from Manutti can best be described. The solid teak wooden frames brave any weather conditions, hot or cold, wet or dry. For an outdoor experience beyond your wildest dreams, Siena is guaranteed to please. In the cooling shade or under a radiant sun, lie back and surrender to its sweet embrace.



Superior quality teak wood (VINIR & HARA) aged 60 to 80 years, sourced from ecological plantations
Great stability under the effect of UV radiation, chlorine and sea water and easy to clean – 100% recyclable

Belgian bluestone or “Little Granite” is a limestone with a more or less pronounced natural blue/grey colour, which is characterised by the presence of a large number of fossilised crinoids. This type of bluestone is only quarried in Belgium. It develops a natural patina
Use: outdoors, changes due to the action of rain and UV-rays to its original pale blue-grey colour
Use: indoors in the course of time, it develops a deeper colour
Bluestone is susceptible to products and scratches and can often contain a number of white veins, black lines, spots and fossils.
Depending on the finishing, the stone has a different look
1 “White veins“ are water veins, formed by water, 100% specific to bluestone and are not cracks as people often assume.
2 Fossils and colour differences: stone is a natural material formed by different perfectly petrified fossils. So it is normal to find nests of crustaceans in the stone.
In other words, even in one sheet of stone clear differences in colour can be observed.




Teak Boarder + Insert

Teak, Bluestone Light, Bluestone Dark, Granite Caramel, Satingo Blue, Satingo Nero


Price for table only.

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