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Triga Bed Linen – Accessories


The Triga Bed Linen has beautifully embroidered borders sewn onto the fabric.  The borders are embroidered in three widths in a colour sequence of your choice. The inside border is 2mm wide, the middle 4mm and the outer is 6mm wide. A stylish and simple collection.

Mirabel Slabbinck collections are made to order especially for you. If you cannot see your desired size, please contact LOOP Ltd.


Mirabel Slabbinck’s collection of refined bed, bath and table linen is completely unique and only uses fabrics of the highest quality.  The ranges only use the most exquisite fabrics, giving comfort, style and elegance with each item ‘produced to order’.  The Slabbinck family have been trading since 1903 and have passed on from generation to generation the core value of authenticity, with each item hand crafted in Bruges, Belguim.

Please note all measurements are in centimeters.

It is possible to have different finishes from what is standard so please contact LOOP Ltd to discuss the options available.


Belladonna 600TC Colour, Bora 400TC Colour, Citrus 200TC Colour, Pella 300TC Colour, Riana


Flat Sheet (180×290), Flat Sheet (230×290), Flat Sheet (265×290), Flat Sheet (290×290), Flat Sheet (290×320), Bolster (22×80), Bolster (22×90), Bolster (22×100), Bolster (22×160), Bolster (22×180), Bolster (22×200), Throw (250×70), Throw (250×130), Throw (260×240), Cushion (40×40), Cushion (40×30), Cushion (60×40)

Embroidery Inner Border


Embroidery Middle Border


Embroidery Outer Border


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