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  • Lights are Swell!

    The Swell pendant light from Pablo with their smooth shape and brass finish interior, enhancing the warm LED light are elegant, infinitely flexible and eye-catching. Whether you hang as a single or as a group, the different forms of the Swell collection give a stunning result. Available in three sizes, narrow, medium or wide and …

  • Taxedo Mirror

    Reflection Time!

    At LOOP Ltd we love a mirror! Here are a few of our favourites. A new mirror is a great addition to any room. It makes a room feel bigger and brighter by reflecting light back into the space. When placed by a window the light will bounce back and when placed up against a …

  • 24 Water Bottle

    Reduce the Impact of Disposable Plastic Bottles

    The Urban Bottle from 24BOTTLES® is a 100% insulated and washable bottle, don’t worry about losing any drop of your favourite drink! This water bottle is created to last a long time, and this is why it represents an ecological and safe alternative to the classic plastic bottles. It’s very easy to use and this makes it …

  • Runner Wood Desk

    Height Adjustable Desk!

    Paolo Cattelan has designed the Runner desk for Cattelan Italia, for everyday use, focusing on function and comfort. The height of this adjustable desk can easily be changed thanks to an ingenious electronic lever, promoting correct posture for your sitting position and also allowing standing use. There’s no ignoring the refined details and finishes that …

  • Cosmos Mirror

    Let Your Imagination Soar!

    This is much more than a modern mirror – the Cosmos is made up of two distinct elements. The mirrored central portion with irregular contours seems to be designed freehand; while the outer edge, positioned on an underlying level, is slightly concave. The bush-hammered surface does not reflect the environment sharply, but by exploiting the …

  • Wing Wood Barstool

    Stylish Stools

    We love these stools as the combination of wood and fabric gives the stools, from Italian producers Peressini, a truly stylish look. The wooden backrest is available in four finishes, base is height adjustable and also has the option of different finishes. With a wide variety of fabric finishes too – a stool that is …

  • The Ultimate Office Chair – ready now!

    With working from home or a mix of home and office, the one thing that remains constant is the importance of a healthy posture. At LOOP Ltd we stock a range of office chairs from Hood Seating who offer a unique ergonomic and intuitive task seating. The ergonomic engineered chairs stimulate muscles, increase blood flow, …

  • Candel

    Ambient Light Anywhere?

    Portable lights expand your living space because they go wherever you do! Thanks to lightweight and rechargeable batteries, indoor/outdoor lanterns are easy and convenient to take with you. Whether you’re working or just reading portable lanterns make sure your day ends when you’re ready. Inspired by a cone of light, Candél’s graceful vessel-like silhouette is …

  • Yoku Wall - Oak

    Yoku from Wireworks

    Wireworks have just launched their new range Yoku (means ‘bath’ in Japanese). This range is a refined collection of furniture and wall fittings for the Bathroom, with the rounded wood parts complimented perfectly with the precision engineered, matt stainless steel fittings. The Yoku range comprises of 12 lines available in up to 5 finishes, in …

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