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Contralto Coffee Table


The Contralto Coffee Table from Pianca, is functional and elegant and wears its pared-back, linear look as a distinguishing feature.  Common specific detail giving distinctive character: a terrazzo plinth serving as the base supporting a sleek, slender metal stem that has a series of elements branching off it at the ideal height for practical use. The resulting forms are fluctuating sculptural volumes, often portable, invariably full of life, designed to simplify those little everyday actions.  Available with or with a knob.


All shelves and set-down spaces are made from turned and smoothed ash to provide a lovely tactile quality and prevent damage of any kind to whatever item or object is placed on them, no matter how delicate. Contralto can be tailored to individual requirements, choosing any of the Pianca wood options.

Dimensions 22 × 38 × 65 cm
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