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Palua Oak Board Set


The new Palua Oak Board Set from Blomus  is available in two shapes that can be used separately, but also fit together perfectly. When you place them side-by-side, you create an almost uniform shape for a perfect arrangement on the window sill, kitchen counter or dining table.

The simple, elevated structure makes the tray a perfect stand for plant pots, sculptures or other valuable objects in your home.

The Palua Oak Board set is hand-crafted from solid, untreated oakwood. Oiling is essential for wood products that constantly come into contact with food. The wood is protected against staining and prevents food odours and bacteria settling in the surface of the wood. We recommend using sunflower seed oil. The serving boards can be rinsed in warm water. Soaking in water should be avoided, as it could cause cracks in the wood.




H 4.7 cm Ø 25 cm; H 2.7 cm , B 25 cm, T 25 cm

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