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Pixo Plus Table


Pixo Plus from Pablo Designs at its conceptual core, is an ultra-efficient task light. Pixo’s swivelling light shade and highly manoeuvrable arm lend it maximum utility within a minimal footprint. Its compact, energy-saving LED light is infinitely adjustable, allowing the user to focus glare-free light wherever needed.

For added convenience, the elegant form factor features full-range dimming via its easy to use optical switch.  The base integrates ultra-convenient wireless charging technology + USB port for the ultimate task lighting experience.


Pixo Plus is 97% recyclable.


Voltage: 120-240V 50-60Hz
Power consumption: 6W MAX Color temperature: 3000K Luminosity: 325 Lumens
Luminaire efficacy: 54 Lumens/Watt Color Rendition Index: 90 CRI
50K hour lifespan
Cable length: 182cm

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