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Pylaz from Pode, is a personal butler light. It waits patiently to serve you with much-deserved accent and ambient lighting with the flexible frame and the option to turn and tilt the shade, Pylaz makes it easy to provide lighting exactly where you want, whether you’re reading or you need additional accented lighting for a visitor. Pylaz is the ideal mood lighting.

The lamp is finished in stunning Charcoal epoxy, but the inside of the shade is finished in Gold. It’s a glamorous detail to show that this isn’t just any lamp.

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 130 × 180 cm

Steel, epoxy coated.
Cord – black


Bulb E27
Footswitch (on/off)
Only available with euro plus adaptor will be supplied with the light.
Tilt and turn mechanism and flexible frame.

Epoxy Colour


Inside Shade Colour


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