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Twinny – Coffee Table (XL)


As the name suggests, the Twinny XL from Bree’s New World, is the largest coffee table in the ‘Twinny family’. As an extra option, a black metal magazine rack can be hung under the elongated, asymmetrical top of the Twinny XL. Are you not so fond of reading material? You can also use it to hide the remote control.⁠

Top available in Wood, FenixNTM® (Anthracite, Taupe, White, Black or Cocoa) or HPL (Bronze, Agate grey, Aluminium grey, Pulpis dark, Pulpis light or Porfido nero) – more details below.


FenixNTM® is a super innovative nanotech material, developed by Arpa Industriale, which is suitable for all kinds of interior applications. The unique character of FenixNTM® lies in the top layer, which is created using nanotechnology and consists of the latest generation of acrylic resins, which are hardened and fixed using the so-called Electron Beam Curing process. The state-of-the-art production process gives FenixNTM® some unique properties, including low light reflectivity, a great soft touch and an extremely matt surface on which fingerprints are not visible. But the most advantageous feature of FenixNTM® is that small, superficial scratches can be thermally repaired time after time.

HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is a plastic sheet material that is manufactured from a combination of paper pulp and phenolic resin with a hard top layer of melamine resin on top. Melamine resin is the hardest synthetic organic material, which ensures that HPL has a high scratch and abrasion resistance, is very durable and very easy to maintain.

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